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Part 6: Why am I not jealous?

Jealousy is the worst possible thing that can happen in a relationship – whether it’s justified or not. I will prove – with a single sentence – that jealousy makes no sense at all! I could never be really jealous after I realized this: if my partner really wants to leave me, it’s pointless to …

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Part 7: Let’s talk about polyamory

Ethical non-monogamy. Not only you can have sex with others, you can even fall in love with others. Even more than one, if you’d like. Because you can, and because there’s nothing wrong about it. And you can do all this while even your partner is enjoying it! Had I mentioned this in the first …

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Part 5: Non-physical faithfulness

The traditional concept of loyalty reminds me of the cold war: although both sides want to take steps, neither ends up doing anything, in order to keep the other in a sort of moral check with the concept of – or, rather, with the perception of – loyalty.

Part 3: The 6 steps of opening up your relationship

A young man noticed an older gentleman at the train station. He wore a formal hat and had a bouquet of flowers in his hands. An older lady was getting off the train, with some help from her fellow passengers, and the two of them started to walk towards each other, slightly faster with each step, to finally embrace one another.

Part 2. Does the “One True Love” exist? Is it bad, if it doesn’t?

Our entire society is built around the idea of the One True Love. You grow up looking for this One True Love everywhere. But the "One" doesn't exist.

Part 1: Is it possible to be in love with more than one person?

You clicked on this article not because you don’t know the answer but because you don’t dare to believe it.

Polyamory vs. polygamy – not the same at all!

Polyamory and polygamy are two ver different things. You must know the difference, if you wish to talk about ethical non-monogamy!
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