Mediocre film depicting polyamory in a defective way - but with some useful moral.

Nonmono rating: 10/5

Beware! Not a good example


The movie tells us a story about four people in one love "quadrangle" through the eyes of a charming lady with pretty stereotypic characters.

For the first sight, it might look like a "real polyamorous movie" that portrays a theoretically efficient relationship. In my humble opinion, it's an extremely dysfunctional, toxic relationship, that contains hidden traps. I explain it more with spoilers below.

Splendor (1999) 93min | Comedy, Romance | 12 May 2000 (Iceland) Summary: Veronica, 22, meets a writer and a drummer hunk at a club on Halloween. Why choose when she can have both? 3some? But then a third man comes along.
Countries: UK, USALanguages: English

I also have some critical notes but it may spoiler the movie. Click on the red button if you still want to read it!

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