I love you. And you. And you.

Although a documentary, don't draw conclusions. It can be misleading.

Nonmono rating: 10/5

Beware! Not a good example


A short documentary about polyamory. Please note that the movie dates back to 2006, and a lot has changed since in the scene, the lifestyle got more accepted and widespread, I think. There is a huge problem with the film as I'll explain with spoilers below.

I Love You. And You. And You. (2006) 60min | Documentary | TV Movie 26 July 2006
Director: Liz FriendStars: Mathew Horne
Summary: A documentary looking at polyamorous relationships.
Countries: UKLanguages: English

I also have some critical notes but it may spoiler the movie. Click on the red button if you still want to read it!

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