Do this if you have problems using the Nonmono Dating site from mobile devices!

Often users don't accept the push notifications on our page as kind of a reflex. Unfortunately, some functions of the dating site depend on these permissions - but you can solve the problem in less than 2 minutes following the instructions below!

1. Open the site at and click on the lock icon right before its name in the browser command line (top left).

2. In the dropdown click on "Settings".

3. Now click on "clear&restore".

4. Confirm your action in the pop-up window (you won't lose any data).

5. Click accept on the browser's question for your location (this lets the system to recommend you matches based on your geolocation)!

6. Accept the push notifications from the page when it pops up (the site will send you notifications when somebody writes you in chat).

You are ready!

We wish you a pleasant time on our site!

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