Donation agreement

When you make a donation made on any of our websites or in any other way, you need to know and accept the following rules.

  1. Definitions

Unless the context requires otherwise, the capitalised words below shall have the following meaning for the purpose of these agreement:

"Donor": the natural or legal person who financially contributes to Donee's activities

"Donation": voluntary financial contribution paid on Donee's website or any other way

"Donee": the Urban Witch Ltd. (Company number 11545534; Registered office address 61 61 Bridge Street, Kington, England, HR5 3DJ; email: representing Nonmono, developing and maintaining the websites

"Websites": the websites in Nonmono's use :;;

  1. Donor gives their donation in order to support Nonmono's goals: the maintenance of the websites, our educational and community programmes live and online, and the advertisement of Nonmono's services. Donor clearly states that they support a common cause and they don't expect any personal service or benefit from their financial contribution.
  2. Donor can't give orders to the donee about their provided services or can't determine the time, the place nor the manners or methods for the donee to reach the goals stated above, but Donor can revoke their support freely anytime if they believe that Donee's actions don't serve the supported goals anymore.
  3. Donor states that neither they nor any third party expects any financial benefit from donating money to Donee.
  4. Donor can cancel their donation anytime but the donations already given are not refundable.
  5. Donee is obligated to display the necessary information for their donation's cancellation in a well-visible and easily understandable manner on their site.
  6. Donor can ask for help or make a complaint on the following email address: Donee is obligated to investigate the issue and send an official answer in maximum 8 working days.
  7. Donor accepts that Donee is not a registered charity so their donation is not subject to tax relief and is not deductible from their tax.
  8. Donor accepts that they can't use Donee's name or logo for marketing, PR, political and business purposes after the donation is given.
  9. Donor accepts that Donee's activities are not done as a result of Donor's support but Donee acts independently, and Donor gives their donation freely and voluntary.
  10. The application and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the English law and the court having jurisdiction in accordance with the prevailing legal regulations of the United Kingdom shall act in the matters relating to this Agreement.

    Valid from: 19/05/2021

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